Job interview questions practise test

If you have a job interview, you need to be both prepared for the possible questions you'll be asked and be able to express your answers clearly and confidently.

Although it is impossible to prepare for every possible question you could be asked (there are possibly hundreds), fortunately most of them are not difficult to answer well. But there are some questions that you could be asked which are.

The best way to know how well your answers to questions are is to practise answering them (as you would in the interview itself). Although you could get a friend to do this for you, they will normally only you asks questions which you've prepared for. But to be really prepared for the job interview, you need to be asked questions which haven't prepared for as well.

To see how well prepared you are for answering the questions you'll be asked in your job interview, I have created the below test. This test will both help you practise answering and make you aware of questions which you may have to improve your answers for before you go to the interview.

You will find the test below.


In this test, you will be first asked 6 randomly selected questions which are either commonly asked in job interviews or are difficult to answer. To hear each question press the play button on the audio player. When you have heard the question, give your answer for it. To hear the next question, press the 'next question' button below the audio player.

When you have heard and answered the first 6 questions, you have the option to hear another 6 questions and so on.

Question 1

See all the questions you've been asked

If you want to see all the questions you've been asked in this test, press the below button and you will see them.

Exercises to help you answer job interview questions

Below are some of our online exercises (with example answers) to help you improve how you answer some questions you will probably be asked in a job interview: