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A PDF eBook from that will help you to improve your level of English vocabulary and reading skills.

What's in the eBook

To start with, this edition of the PDF eBook has been specifically designed to be used by students by themselves. There are 50 reading exercises in it and each exercise includes:

  • A long text (approximately 800 words)
  • A vocabulary exercise where you'll learn 7 essential words and phrases from the text
  • A page to create your own sentences of the vocabulary you've learnt

Click here to see a list of the titles of the text of the 50 reading exercises

The 50 texts in the eBook

  1. Which type of English is better to learn: British or American?
  2. The 7 best jobs in the world
  3. Being a teenage lottery millionaire
  4. 16-year-olds should be able to vote in elections
  5. Why are tattoos becoming so popular?
  6. Driving a self-driving car for a job
  7. Are some names better than others on a job application?
  8. Why do some adults have problems with learning languages?
  9. Changing the racist names of places in America
  10. The man who invented basketball
  11. 9 strange things that are illegal to do in Singapore
  12. Why we spend too much at Christmas
  13. Why so many international tourists travel on Route 66
  14. Is homeschooling better than school for children?
  15. Teaching children about advertisements
  16. Is the siesta in Spain going away?
  17. Was life better 100 years ago than it is today?
  18. Would you really want to live forever?
  19. The Oscars is criticized for being too white
  20. The gun debate in America
  21. The illegal migrant who decided to return to Nigeria
  22. How I turned travelling into a job
  23. Sweden, the country where new dads take months off work
  24. How teenagers have changed how they shop
  25. Why do some children have to do so many tests?
  26. Fashion is important, but should it be?
  27. Long school holidays in summer are bad for our children
  28. 10 ways that supermarkets manipulate us
  29. How fizzy drinks are killing thousands of Mexicans
  30. Is global warming happening?
  31. Why some people in America want to change the name of 'Columbus Day'
  32. Have aliens visited earth?
  33. The top 5 places to visit in Madrid
  34. Is it really better to drink hot things instead of cold things in summer to cool down?
  35. Is university worth it?
  36. Why should U.S. Hispanics learn to speak English?
  37. What happens to somebody's face when they lie
  38. Why are the Chinese buying lots of real estate around the world?
  39. The cinema code of conduct
  40. Why is keeping animals as pets so popular?
  41. An expedition to Antarctica that went wrong: part 1
  42. An expedition to Antarctica that went wrong: part 2
  43. Don't throw it away, get it repaired instead
  44. If there's water on Mars, does this mean there's life?
  45. Why drinking is bad for all of us
  46. Will technology replace classroom teachers?
  47. Why we have problems with sleeping
  48. Should you throw out food when it passes its use-by date?
  49. What islands that attract tourists have to do
  50. How where we sleep created human civilisation

Close the exercise list

In addition to this, you'll also find in the eBook a tried and tested method for using these reading exercises to improve your English quicker.

The material in the eBook will last you for over 6 months of regular reading.

You can read it on any device

Because it is a PDF eBook you can read it on any device which has a screen (a computer, mobile phone, tablet etc...).

Why it isn't easy to find things to read in English

If you really want to improve your English, you need to regularly read in English. The problem is that for somebody with your level of English, finding good things to read on the web isn't very easy. Most of the things you'll find will be for native speakers (and too difficult for you) and the articles which are for improving English will be too short and normally boring.

This is what my students who have an intermediate level of English or are studying for the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) exam found. They wanted to read in English, but couldn't easily find material themselves. The result was that most of them just gave up looking and didn't read things in English.

A solution

To solve this problem for own my students, I decided to make my own material for them to read outside of class. Articles and pieces of writing that made it is easy for them to read regularly in English and helped them to improve their level in the language. Articles which were both interesting to read and on a variety of topics which would help them to expand their knowledge of English vocabulary.

It's taken me over 2 years to create all of this reading material and to get it just right. And the result of all this hard work is this eBook.

If you are an English teacher, click here to learn about the teacher version of this eBook.

How the eBook will help you

The material in this eBook will help you quickly improve your English in a number of different areas:

Improve your reading

Each reading exercise has a text that been specifically written and adapted (so you won't find them confusing to read) for people whose level of English is intermediate or are studying for the Cambridge FCE exam. The texts in the eBook gradually get more difficult, so your level will improve the more of them you read.

The texts also cover a wide range of different topics (from science to art and everything in between) and this will expand your knowledge of English vocabulary.

Improve your vocabulary

In addition to the text, each reading exercise contains a vocabulary exercise. In this, you will learn the meaning of 7 carefully selected phrases and words from the text. These are words and phrases which I have noticed over the 10 years that I have been teaching English that students at your level commonly don't know, don't use or use incorrectly.

Make you remember the vocabulary

To make sure that you remember the words and phrases you learn in the vocabulary exercise, each reading exercise comes with a page for you to write a sentence in your own words for each of the 7 words and phrases you learnt in the vocabulary exercise.

Get your copy now

The cost for this eBook is €10 (around $12). When you take into consideration how long it will take you to read all the material (over 6 months) and how much it will help you improve your English, it is cheap for the price.

I've been giving my own students these reading exercises for three years now and I'm very happy with the results I've seen. Not only with seeing how it has improved their level of English, but seeing how much they enjoy the topics of the reading exercises that they always want to talk about what they've read in class.

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