Downloadable financial English exercise class worksheets

It's very often difficult to find good exercise worksheets for teaching students business English vocabulary on specific subjects/topics. You can spend hours looking through books or the web and still not find something which you feel happy about using in class. I normally ended up spending hours writing my own exercises. Not an ideal situation for busy teachers.

To help you make better use of your time, I have created the below downloadable class exercise worksheets and lesson plans for financial vocabulary in English.

Each has been designed to enable the students to work out for themselves the meaning of useful and important vocabulary on each specific topic. Allowing you to have one less thing to worry about in your busy day.

The class worksheets

Financial English Class Worksheets Only

Seven different exercise class worksheets covering English vocabulary and phrases used in finance, banks and tax (put cursor over each title to see the first page of the worksheet). The seven exercises are:

What's included:

  • A reading text
  • A test/quiz (with answers for the teacher)
Cost: €3.99

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