Podcasts and audio recordings are a very good resource for English teachers to use with their students to help them improve both their listening and pronunciation skills.

With the internet, students learning English from all over the world can now listen regularly for free to some very good podcasts/audio recordings on their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Below is a list of my 5 recommended free English learning podcasts/audio recordings that I use or have used with my students. I have arranged the podcasts by the English level they are appropriate for. These podcasts are not for children. In my experience they can be used for both adults and teenagers from 14 years old.

All the podcasts/audio recordings listed here are short (the maximum length is under 10 minutes).

I would suggest that you don't use these podcasts/audio recordings as part of your class, but use them with your students for homework. Normally, I tell my students to listen to them and make some brief notes about what they hear in the podcast/audio recording. Then we talk about the podcast/audio recording at the beginning of the next class and I often ask for their opinion on the topic.


I'm afraid that I haven't find any podcast/audio recording which is suitable for students at this level. Sorry.


Big City Small World from the British Council

A podcast/audio series about a group of people. They talk about general life topics.

I Wanna Talk About from the British Council

12 short podcasts/audio recordings where people talk about things in their life. The pronunciation in some of them is not perfect.


6 Minute English from the BBC

A long list of 6 minute podcasts/audio recordings on every type of topic. They are very good.

British Council Magazine from the British Council

About 100 different audio recordings (with text) on a variety of different topics. They are a little more difficult than those from 6 Minute English.


Learn English Professionals from the British Council

Lots of short audio recordings/podcasts on professional, business and social topics. It is possible that some of them can be used with intermediate students as well.

Witness from the BBC

Interviews with people who witnessed important events in the world. They all last less than 10 minutes. These are the only podcasts/audio recordings here which haven't been designed for people learning English, but I have found them to be successful with my upper-intermediate students.


At this level your students should be listening to podcasts or radio programmes (e.g. BBC World Service) designed for native speakers. You can use the Witness podcast (see above) with them or try to find something else.

To find something else for your students, take a look at the podcasts which are available from the BBC website and choose something which you think your students will find interesting or will be useful for them. I would suggest you pick podcasts which aren't long (anything over 20 minutes is excessive).

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