Regularly reading in English is one of the best ways of improving your level in the language. It not only improves your knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structures in English, but the more times you see words/phrases and grammatical structures being used, the more likely you will both understand and use them yourself.

Below is a link to an article called 'Repair businesses trying to change the throwaway culture' which is right for people with an intermediate level of English.

Before you read the article, I recommend that you read the below 'Article summary'. Knowing what the article is about will make it both quicker and easier to read.

Article summary:

This is an article on the increasing popularity in America of people repairing/mending/fixing things that they own. It starts by describing an event where people go to get something repaired. It talks about who created the event and for what reasons they did. It then explains why more people now want to repair things they own rather than throwing them out and replacing them with something new. It ends by suggesting there may be a limit to how popular this type of thing might become.

Type of vocabulary used: Society, Business