Learning a new language like Spanish is difficult. Don't let anyone try to tell you it isn't. I remember the first time that I tried to learn Spanish with a book and a couple of CDs. Unfortunately, I didn't do very well. The books were boring, I couldn't practise speaking and I got stuck and confused so many times that I eventually gave up.

Fortunately, things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. Learning a Spanish now has never been easier and quicker with online and computer based courses which are interactive. Unfortunately, many of the online courses that you can find on learning Spanish are just not very good (I've taught English to Spanish speakers for over 9 years, learnt Spanish and I have written over 190 online English exercises, so I know a little about what works when learning a new language).

To help you find an online Spanish course, I have tried quite a lot of online courses which are currently available. From this, I have come up with a list of the best 3 (the ones which I think will help you to learn or improve your Spanish the quickest). They are:

  • Rosetta Stone
  • Innovative Language Learning
  • Rocket Languages

Even though they are the best, they all still have their strengths and weaknesses (which I will explain in the review I do for each below). And this is something you need to know before choosing which is the best for you.

To help you make the right decision for you, I’ll quickly describe how the different courses work and what features they have. At the end of each course review, I’ll give my own opinion of what is good and bad about the course.

None are free, but the selected online courses I've chosen will suit every budget and still provide you with a good product.

For some of these products, I do receive a small commission for each sale (if it comes from this website). This helps to pay for the website.

Rosetta Stone

Overview: Rosetta Stone is one of the largest and oldest language learning companies in the world. With their Spanish course you'll learn vocabulary, phrases and grammar through repeated interactive picture and word games. These have been designed to help you both discover and remember the grammatical structures of the language yourself. Their Spanish course is very extensive (you'll learn everything that you need to) and packed with a lot of features.

They provide both online interactive courses and home delivered computer software courses (for upto 5 people to use).

What the courses include: Live online tutoring classes to practise, Interactive online games/quizzes, Audio and video lessons/exercises, an online community network, Pronunciation tests, Mobile/tablet apps.

What the courses don't include: TV channel.

Course Levels: From beginner to advanced.

Cost: From $275 to $499.

You can either buy their interactive computer software or pay a yearly subscription to get access to every level (beginner to advanced) of their online web language course.

My Opinion: Good for all levels. Both their online and computer software courses look good and are easy to use. Although you have to pay up front to get their courses, they are very complete courses (covering grammar, reading, listening, writing, speaking etc...). Both the live online tutor classes and the online community forum provide you with an excellent opportunity to practise what you've learnt.

For me personally, I found the online vocabulary exercises repetitive and slowed down the pace of learning the language.

All in all, Rosetta Stone's Spanish courses are a good (but not cheap) way to learn the language, but they need to improve their exercises.

Find out more: Click here to go to Rosetta Stone's website.

Innovative Language Learning

Overview: Innovative Language Learning is a relatively new company, but their language courses (and especially their Spanish one) are becoming increasingly popular. Their teaching method is a little bit different (or innovative) to others. The main focus is on audio (podcasts) and video lessons to teach and explain (in English) vocabulary, phrases and grammar. These are reinforced through online pdfs and interactive vocabulary & pronunciation games and exercises.

Although you will have to pay a monthly subscription to receive their regular audio (podcast) and video exercises, you can also buy individual apps to use on your mobile/tablet and computer.

What the course includes: Audio and video lesson/exercises, Interactive web exercises, Individual computer and mobile/tablet apps, Pronunciation tests, Interactive online games/quizzes, TV channel, Ebooks.

What the course doesn't include: Live online tutoring classes, an online community network.

Course Levels: From beginner to advanced.

Cost: Various. Some of the apps are free, but for the full versions you'll have to pay $10. To subscribe to the weekly video/audio classes and get access to their online resources starts from $10 a month.

My Opinion: It's good for all levels. Because you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars up front, this is a very good option to try. Their audio and video lessons are good. The focus on learning through listening is good for pronunciation and understanding when people are actually speaking to you in Spanish. This also make it easy to learn Spanish when out of the house and travelling.

The lack of a online community forum (apart from Facebook etc..) and the ability to measure your progression, are two weak points in my opinion.

If you find the traditional method of learning any new language boring, this is something I would recommend that you try.

Offer: You can try their online course free for 7 days. Click here to set up a free account at Innovative Language Learning.

Find out more: Click here to go to Innovative Language Learning's website.

Rocket Languages

Overview: Rocket Languages' online Spanish course is focused on learning the language through listening and speaking (each exercise has an audio recording to listen to and a pronunciation test). They focus more on how language is actually used and on vocabulary and phrases than on learning just grammar.

What the course includes: Interactive web exercises, Interactive online games/quizzes, Pronunciation tests, an Online community network.

What the courses don't include: Live online tutoring classes, TV channel, Video exercises, Mobile/tablet apps.

Course Levels: From beginner to intermediate.

Cost: From $149.99.

My Opinion: For me, overall Rocket Language provides a good online Spanish course and it is good value for money. The interface is very easy to use and the exercises are well made and useful. You can also try it for 6 days for free, which is good.

Apart from the exercises, it doesn't have many of the features that other online web courses have. Although it does have online vocabulary games and an online community network, there aren't many online games and the online community network isn't commonly used by the members.

But I do think the exercises are good. If you don't want to spend much money and want to a learn Spanish for conversations or travel, then this is a good course for you.

Offer: They currently have a $50 discount om their Spanish course. But before buy it, you can try it out for 7 days for free.

Find out more: Click here to go to Rocket Languages' website.

In conclusion

For me, of the 3 online courses, if it wasn't so expensive I would recommend Rosetta Stone's Spanish course. Although it is a very complete language course, I didn't like their vocabulary exercises (I found them frustrating and too repetitive). When they correct this, it will be a good (although expensive) course to do.

At the moment, I would recommend that you save your money and chose one of the two cheaper online Spanish courses I reviewed. Rocket Languages' Spanish course is a very good course for the price. If you don't like the traditional method of learning a foreign language, then I think Innovative Language Learning is something you should try. With neither of these do you get all the features that you get with Rosetta Stone, but they are still very good language learning courses.

And as you can try both of these for free for 7 days, I recommend that you try both and see which you prefer.